Five Reasons to Consider a Daytime Wedding

Daytime wedding couple in front of trees

In the wedding planning process, it can be all too easy to fall into traditions without even considering the benefits of doing things differently. But the most engaging and memorable weddings are the ones that reflect what’s right for you as a couple. So who is a daytime wedding right for? And what makes them so stinking awesome?

Here are 5 kick-ass reasons to consider a daytime wedding:

1. There’s more time.

Have you ever heard people complain that their wedding flew by so fast that they barely had time to take it in? The biggest gift of a daytime wedding is extra time. Although your day will start bright and early, you (hopefully) won’t be completely exhausted by the end of the event.
When the party is over, you can also keep celebrating! You can have an after party at the hotel with your friends and family or an intimate dinner with just the two of you. Or (if you’re bold), you can hop on the plane to your honeymoon and arrive refreshed, rather than bleary eyed.
As a photographer, my favorite thing that couples choose to do after their daytime wedding is to go somewhere fun (still dressed in their fancy duds) for amazing bonus photos. Maybe they decide to play some ski-ball at the arcade or splash in ocean waves at sunset. Whatever they choose, it’s intimate, it’s playful, and we get to make the photos of a lifetime.


2. You’ll save money.

Daytime weddings are often more affordable across the board. Wedding venues may give a discount for a daytime wedding and don’t be afraid to ask other vendors if they’ll cut you a break as well. Brunch is more inexpensive than most dinner options. And with more bang for your buck, the meal doesn’t have to be predictable either! I have seen many creative options like a mashed potato bar, a crepe station, and more. Plus, people tend to drink less during the day, so you’ll save a little money on alcohol as well.


3. They’re family friendly.

Daytime weddings are great for families! Have your friends or loved ones ever skipped a wedding because they can’t find a babysitter? Or because traveling with their family was too complicated or expensive?
If you include children at your daytime wedding, they won’t be cranky yet, so everyone will have more fun. The same is true for elderly family members who don’t like staying out late. Plus, if your guests are traveling with kids, they may be able to save money and stress by making it home for bedtime (in lieu of a hotel).


4. They stand out.

How many weddings have you been to? Do some of them start to blur together?
By choosing a daytime wedding, you’re making a unique choice that will stand out for your guests. If you’re after a more casual vibe, daytime weddings can be perfect! Embrace the earlier time frame and the playful energy by adding fun outdoor activities like lawn games.


5. Natural Light Photos

What kind of a photographer would I be if I didn’t mention the lighting benefits of a daytime wedding?
If you love natural light, a daytime wedding is the perfect way to make sure you get bright, even photos. At an evening wedding (especially in the spring or fall when the days are shorter), we have to build the timeline of the day around the lighting and use a flash when night falls. But during a daytime wedding, there will be natural light throughout the whole event, making it simple to capture bright photos at any time.
That said, every kind of lighting requires its own strategy. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony during the day, ask your photographer to weigh in on the best location. Finding a little bit of shade to block the bright sunlight will make your guests more comfortable (less squinting) and your photos more flattering.


What do you think? Have you attended any memorable daytime weddings? Do you think it could be the right choice for you?

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