9 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos

Hey, you’re engaged! That’s awesome! Among the whirlwind of tasks filling your brain right about now, you might be wondering if you should take engagement photos…

Obviously, as a photographer, I’m a fan. I believe an engagement shoot is a beautiful way to capture a very special time in your life. And these are some of my favorite pictures to make. (So of course I’m on board.)

But I also believe that if you take pictures, you should take the time to print them, hang them on your walls, and really use them.

So here’s a list of 9+ ideas for how to use those engagement pictures.

1. Invitations

Wait what?

You probably won’t be using your engagement photos on your wedding invitations. (And if you are looking for a custom suite, might I recommend Farmstead Design Studio?) But the amount of parties that lead up to a wedding seems to keep growing and growing.

There’s the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette, and sometimes even multiple wedding celebrations, if you got married far from your hometown.

And rather than letting your sister send out that awkward, sweaty pic of you two at the bar to get everyone excited about your bachelorette party, you might want to control the narrative. You can use your engagement photos for a polished and consistent look across events, so you know you’ll look good.

2. Save the Dates

Along the same lines as invitations, this is one classic way to get people excited about your upcoming nuptials. (That’s a super weird word.) With your engagement photos, you’re keeping your Save the Date style consistent and classy.

3. Thank You Cards

After your wedding, you’re going to be so filled with love. You’re going to think nothing of writing a three page message to Aunt Mildred, thanking her for the beautiful crystal glasses she gave you. Right?

Maybe… But a few weeks later, you’ll be back from the honeymoon, back to real life, and that pile of thank you cards may start to loom over you. As heartfelt as you want to be, time will inevitably turn your gratitude into a tedious chore. (Sorry.)

My advice? Write the thank you as soon as the gift arrives. I know, it might not be proper etiquette, but it will make life SO much easier for you later.

Consider using your engagement photos to make some beautiful custom thank you cards and stay on top of the note-writing process. And hey, even if you’d rather wait, you’ll probably still need thank you notes for the bridal shower and all those other events I mentioned!

4. Wedding website

Everyone has one these days. People often show their history as a couple here, so a mix of candids and professional shots is totally acceptable. But everyone you invited will be looking at your website for information about your registry and hotel block. So it’s another great opportunity to show yourself off while looking your best.

5. Social Media

With wedding planning taking up a lot of real estate in your brain, you’re probably going to share some updates on social media along the way. Maybe it’s gratitude, excitement, or the classic countdown post. (!!!)

When you post, you might as well have a gorgeous picture at your fingertips, ready to accompany your post. (People are more likely to see it that way.)

6. Holiday Cards

If you send holiday cards, finding a few great pictures of you and your boo is going to be super easy this year!

7. Guest book

This can become a treasured time capsule of who you were when you got married, as your guests fill the pages with advice and love.

8. Custom favors

Depending on the favor you have in mind, you may want to customize it with your beautiful faces. This could work well for donation cards, wine bottles, magnets, candies, and more!

9. Custom Postage

Quite a few websites let you put your face right on your postage stamps.

Bonus Ideas:

  • Print the pictures and hang them on your walls – It’s a classic.
  • Family holiday gifts – Nana would probably love another picture of you.
  • Table numbers – Custom and cute, with no paint or decoupage required.
  • Decor for the escort or gift table.

There you have it – 9+ ways to use your engagement photos throughout the wedding process!

What am I forgetting?

How do you plan to use your photos?

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