Hey there!

I'm Shaina.

a queer boston millennial with a camera on each hip

I’m not a fan of sitting at the surface of things. I like to go deeper.

I won't ask you about the weather. I'd rather discuss what’s inspiring you.

I'm less worried about what you do for work. I'm deeply fascinated by who you are and what lights you up.

Maybe you feel the same way, especially when it comes to planning your wedding. Maybe...

  • You're less concerned about the exact shade of the napkins, and more concerned that you get to fully experience every moment in vivid color.
  • You're not worried about the trends in the wedding magazines. You want to craft a celebration that looks and feels exactly like you; one that centers your values and your love.
  • You're less focused on capturing a thousand iterations of perfectly posed portraits, and more interested in honest reminders of all the beautifully fleeting candid moments.

I want to be there with you, creating honest, emotional images. When you hold them, they will pull you right back into those moments and memories.


we are all works in progress


Love is Love

before we work together, you should know my truths.


I'm an LGBTQIA+ wedding photographer and queer weddings are my jam.

I'm committed to listening more and speaking less where my voice isn't needed. I learn (and unlearn) so much about these subjects every day.

Integrating these learnings into my business and life in a productive and supportive way is an ongoing process.


Black lives matter

I support you and your love story, regardless of your age, race, gender, orientation, body size, ability, or identity.


All bodies are good bodies

You don't need to change yours to have an amazing wedding (or life).

You are beautiful.

Your story should be told.

My Story

I grew up in Southern California, just a few miles from Disneyland. (Yes, I had an annual pass.) I moved to Boston for college because I wanted a new adventure... and I definitely found one!

I married a boy I met in my college a cappella group. We bought a house, sang duets, and eventually, added a third little human to our family band. (She's the absolute best!) Although our marriage wasn't meant to last forever, we loved each other well for many years and learned so much from our time together.

I went to a musical theater high school. I'm a good singer, a mediocre ukelele player, and a terrible dancer. (I don't let that stop me though!) I use far too many parentheses. (Brevity is not my strength.) I love trying new restaurants and hearing which ones you're trying. I believe everyone is doing their best and kindness is always the right choice.


I feel most myself when

I'm near the water

Nothing makes me happier than

planning my next trip

when i'm stressed

I bake and declutter

number of taylor swift concerts I've attended

Hanging with my siblings


(Red, 1989, Rep, Eras)

— Jana strom

"One of the best decisions we made!"

belmont habitat — massachusetts

Shaina’s photographs capture the people, place, and most impressively the feeling of your event. She is a kind soul that puts you at ease allowing her to capture the most authentic and flattering photographs of you. I was also very impressed by how many images she was able to capture without my realizing she was present. Hiring Shaina as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made!

My Why

On weekends, I took pictures of love's beginnings. I watched people say, "No matter what happens, I'll keep showing up for you." I wanted more of that. I wanted to document all the beautiful new stories unfolding.

Being human can be messy, but it's easier if we do it together. And choosing love makes the world better every single time. I get to witness that every weekend. And I never forget how lucky that makes me.

(See? I told you I like to go deeper.)

I used to be a Speech Pathologist. I treated adults with brain injuries how to speak and swallow again. I saw people through the most challenging time of their lives. But I also saw their people through it.

I saw the partners who drove them to appointments. The children who helped with their physical therapy exercises. The friends who took notes and picked up medications. I saw a million examples of how we keep showing up for the people we love.

My weekdays were brutally beautiful, but my weekends were something totally different.




Stuff that made our wedding ours

The marriage may be over, but the wedding was hella fun! Our 70 person wedding was just the right size for us: all of our most important people and enough time to spend with everyone.

pre-wedding rock band

popcorn bag programs

singing our first dance

it was still cool back in 2011

To eat (& toss after the ceremony)

with sweet sweet harmonies

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