Romantic Seaside Engagement Session at the Coolidge Reservation

Of all the kinds of photography I do, I think engagement shoots might be my favorite. It’s funny, because I generally don’t care much for cheesy or pose-y and engagement shoots tend to be the cheesiest, posiest pictures of all.

But then something magical happens. They’re staring into each other’s eyes and she’s coaxing him to smile. He pushes her hair behind her ear and suddenly they remember all the reasons why they love each other.

It’s the beginning of everything. Before the stress of wedding planning and the exquisite chaos of children. It’s a beautiful blank slate, where anything is possible.

They can’t help but kiss and tease and show their deep love for each other. And I get to witness it.

I’m just so grateful.

Alex and Luis are adventurers. From their love story, meeting as teachers in Spain, to their world travels, to Alex’s bold suggestion that they climb barefoot to the top of a boulder in the ocean.

They’re sweet and silly and warm, and their easy way made it a pleasure to capture them.

This shoot almost got rained out, but luckily, we were able to reschedule. Alex picked out an incredible location in her hometown, with woods, a giant lawn, and a rocky beach all in one beautiful reservation.

(If you want to make photos there, I’d go back in a heartbeat!)

It was the right place, the right light, and the right couple. And that made it magic.

See for yourself!

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