Newborn Baby Girl in Navy. (And Then There Were Four…)

Mom holds tiny newborn baby girl in black and whiteThis is one of my favorite things – the tremendous privilege of photographing families as they grow and change over time. These are the most important stories – the stories of your life as it shifts and settles and grows in love.

Two years ago, I was photographing a certain baby boy. As of a couple weeks ago, he is now a big brother to a sweet little floofy haired girl. Scroll to see the new little one in what is now a family of four! (Well, five if you include the oldest brother – a large, also very floofy Samoyed dog. And we must include him in the family and the photos!)

Newborn girl with a white bow and navy onesieDad holds his newborn daughter with brown cinnamon swirl hairFather reads to his two year old toddle son on a blue rug

Side by side of newborn and two-year-old older brotherToddler boy Noah's room

Mom looks down on her newborn baby girl

Newborn and two year old in diapers on a blanket

Newborn baby in navy blue waving at camera

Dad feeds newborn daughter while toddler son puts a headband on herSide by side of dad bottle feeding his newborn daughter and toddler leaning over his newborn baby sisterNewborn girl and two year old brother's feet

Mom holds her newborn baby girl while dad reads to their son in the background

Newborn girl with fluffy brown hair lying on a blanker

Green kitchen hallway with newborn countdown

Dad bottle feeds his newborn daughterSide-by-side of mom and dad holding their newborn and family with two kids and a dogMom and Dad hold yawning newborn baby girlSweet family of four in blue poses for the cameraMom and Dad snuggle their newborn baby girlOuttakes from family newborn photo shoot with big white dogMom, Dad, toddler boy and newborn girl smile in family portrait

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