An Elegant Public Garden Engagement Session

When I’m booking new clients, I like to send them a survey to get to know them a little better. The questions are things like “How did you meet?” and “What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday with your partner?”

Ami & Nirav filled out their survey together and they had the best answers. I laughed when I read them. I loved their honesty and I felt like I knew them right away.

I loved how they were brought together by Ami’s persistence and a little dash of fate (by way of a broken down car). I could imagine their Saturday mornings, walking around their neighborhood to grab some breakfast. I could picture how Nirav “chickened out” on proposing and the whole thing became stressful and harried, but ultimately oh-so-surprising and romantic.

Being in front of the camera can feel strange and stiff if you’re not used to it. But Ami & Nirav’s honesty made it easy. And I so loved watching them relax with me, as their sweet relationship blossomed in front of my camera.

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