Baby Charlotte’s In Home Newborn Session

It just makes sense that my first shoot back after my maternity-leave-turned-quarantine was a teeny little newborn girl. She was smaller than Winnie had ever been, and oh so sweet. It pulled at my heart, watching these new parents care for their tiny babe in those earliest of days.

I wanted to let everything I had learned about babies tumble out and fill the space between us. I wanted to wrap them in the biggest hug and say, “I was just where you are.” I wanted to tell them, “It’s magical and terrible.” “It drags and it flies.” There was so much tenderness in my heart for this moment in their lives.

But of course, I didn’t say it. And I definitely didn’t hug them.

Instead, I stood back. I captured it.

That’s the gift, I think. That’s what feels absent right now; the sharing, the seeing, the witnessing of these precious moments.

It’s what I wish I had more of. It’s what I have to give.

So to those who want to see her, here she is; beautiful, loved, and changing by the day.

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