Bryan & Christine’s Classic Wedding Ceremony at Park Street Church in Boston


Bryan and Christine were married at Park Street Church in June.

Cold winter has sweetened that blue sky day in my memory into something magic and untouchable. (Winter can have that effect, I think.)Bryan&ChristinWed239_web.jpgThe bride carried a gorgeous cascading bouquet of orchids, roses, and greenery. The choir sang sweet hymns as their family and friends gathered around to celebrate their marriage. It was so joyful.Bryan&ChristinWed300_web.jpgOne of the funniest parts of the day for me was watching the men tie their bow ties. Luckily, one of the groomsmen was willing to step up to teach everyone how it’s done!Bryan&ChristinWed335_web.jpgOver the course of the day, I found out that both Bryan & Christine’s families had experienced difficult losses in the past years. There were a few quiet moments, in a day of overflowing delight and celebration, when that pain and loss was felt.

I found myself amazed by the vast capacity of human emotions. That love and pain can coexist so acutely.

It’s something we may not want to think about; the risk we take when we choose to love and commit to the people in our lives. But Bryan and Christine stepped forward with eyes open, knowing that risk but choosing to be together. Deciding it’s worth it.

That makes them seem even more beautiful and brave to me.


This wedding was second shot with Jessica Herndon Photography.

Come back next week for part two!

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