Kathleen + Andrew’s Spring Commonwealth Cambridge Wedding

Newlywed couple relaxing at their Commonwealth Cambridge wedding.

Kathleen and Andrew were married last Saturday at Commonwealth Restaurant in Cambridge. They originally planned to be married on October 31, 2020. Two date changes and one pandemic later, they finally got to have their incredible day!

Kathleen and I are a lot alike in our planning tendencies. I’ll call it “Low Key Type A.” It’s not that everything has to be perfect, it’s just that we like to know exactly how everything is supposed to be. So even the things Kathleen described as “low key” - for example, the flowers, which were arranged by a friend of hers -  were executed beautifully.

The energy at this Commonwealth Cambridge wedding was absolutely incredible! Kathleen told me that her vendor team felt like “family” because of all we’ve been through together. And honestly, we were all buzzing with positivity behind the scenes, so excited to be working together and back doing what we love; so excited to be making this couple’s day as beautiful and easy as we could.

Commonwealth Cambridge wedding venue outdoor

Kathleen’s cousin officiated the ceremony with poise and joy (and a few tears). She spoke of the times this couple had supported each other, how they balance each other, and their journey so far. An extra wide aisle allowed for a mask-free procession. (So smart, right?)

After the ceremony, we headed up to the roof for some family and couple portraits. Kathleen and Andrew really wanted to focus on spending time with their guests, which I fully appreciate, so they requested “just a few quick portraits” together.

We kept it brief - just 13 minutes for the couple portraits. Although more time and variety can be nice for some couples, it’s all about your priorities. And I considered it a fun challenge to see what I could create for them without taking too much time away from their loved ones.

Commonwealth Cambridge wedding couple enjoying a drink after their ceremony

The food was of course, delicious - a major perk of getting married at a restaurant! Kathleen and Andrew knew they wanted lots of toasts and love poured out from their family, so they ended up with six toasts.

Kathleen’s dad promised not to talk for too long. (But not so much… Haha!) And each of their four siblings chimed in with funny memories and sweet sentiments. Kathleen’s sisters talked about Kathleen’s determination and assertiveness and how Andrew provides a calming balance for her energetic family. The stories Andrew’s brothers told about rough housing suggest he also has a wilder side, which we all got a glimpse of later in the night… (You’ll have to keep scrolling to see…)

In the days leading up to the wedding, we weren’t sure if there was going to be dancing. It didn’t seem all that likely…

But on Thursday, just two days before the wedding, the City of Cambridge changed the restrictions! Kathleen and Andrew cut their cake, then the DJ excitedly announced, “For the first time in 18 months, the dance floor is open!”

I could tell early on in the day that Kathleen had a very feisty grandma, but I had no idea she was going to be tearing up the dance floor so hard! Although everyone was just so thrilled to be able to celebrate, dance, and mingle, that there was a ton of enthusiasm all around.

And about Andrew’s wild side… Late in the evening, Kathleen surprised Andrew by passing out ribbon streamers and playing a Queen song. Suddenly this joyful, friendly, but relatively calm man was busting out the most incredible ribbon dancing moves!

Honestly, I still don’t know the backstory on this one. (Secret past career as a rhythmic gymnast? Former member of a Queen cover band?) But it was super fun to be a part of. In fact, this whole wedding was super fun to be a part of!

I’m grateful to Kathleen and Andrew for letting me join in their wedding vendor “family” on this wonderful day! I wish them so much love, health, and joy in the years to come.

Commonwealth Cambridge wedding venue team:

Venue: Commonwealth Cambridge | Photographer: Golden Door Photography | DJ: DJ J-Wall | Hair & Make-up: Alicia Rush | Dress: BHLDN | Tux: Suit Supply

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