Darren + Meredith’s Colorful North End Engagement

I have a special place in my heart for these two because our lives have followed a strangely parallel track. They met at the same college where I met my partner, graduating only a year before me. She works at the same place I used to work. So we probably crossed paths in the halls or on the quad dozens of times without ever knowing it. And somehow, they found me online and wanted me to take pictures at their wedding reception.

Isn’t the world wild?

And it’s not only that! They are committed to having a unique and authentic wedding celebration (which you know I’m always talking about) and it even involves travel (which you know I love)!

I had so much fun hanging out with them this past weekend, as we wandered through the North End and into Charlestown. We walked along the waterfront, climbed ivy covered walls (yep!), and admired some of Boston’s beautiful (and not so beautiful) bridges, with the Freedom Trail beneath our feet.

Scroll down to admire more of their connection and sweetness.

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