Darren + Merry’s Backyard Pig Roast Reception on the South Shore

You guys, Darren and Merry got married!!

In all honesty, they got married on a hillside in Tuscany, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their close family and a few friends. But after that, they came home and held a big pig roast-slash-dance party in a tent beside the ocean in the backyard of Merry’s family home on the South Shore. And that’s what I get to share with you today.

I loved all the little details that came together to transform this beautiful home into an incredible party. Some of my favorites were the handwritten signs, a custom painted corn hole set, pictures of the Italy wedding (spread around for guests to appreciate), and of course, a beautiful three-peaked tent filled with twinkly lights!

Darren and Merry are actually the sweetest. All the vendors gushed about how great they are. But what I loved witnessing most was their connection – their honest-to-goodness, sweet, loving, affection and joy in being with each other. It was beautiful to see.

One hilarious moment happened when the guests settled into the tent and realized the AC wasn’t working. Uncles and brothers gathered around the condenser outside the tent, while aunts and friends examined the tubing inside. I’m not sure if it was a clever hand with a screwdriver or a well placed kick, but the look of triumph when the cool air started flowing again was priceless. Soon the rain began to fall, breaking the humidity and bringing luck to the newly married couple.

(I should note, if you’re squeamish about cooked animals, there are a couple of pictures you might want to skip. The roasted pig is a bit of a feature in this beautiful backyard wedding.)

Coordinator: Mother of the Bride Wedding Planner // Food: Big Pig Barbecue + Helping Hands by De // DJ: 5 Star Events // Tent: Access Tent

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