A Winter Wonderland Engagement at Greenwood Tree Farm

MP&Mike EShoot-6700_web.jpg

Last December, I spent the afternoon with Mike & MP on a Christmas Tree Farm in Billerica, MA. It was a beautiful day, with snow dusting the rows of baby Christmas trees and the setting sun bringing a glow to the the lake and barn buildings.

Mike & MP met at a college football game, with their colleges playing on opposite sides of the field. For the first half of the game, Mike explained the rules of football to her. Little did they know, it was the start of their love for each other (going on 8 years!), but also the start of a genuine shared love of football. (MP even plays football on a social sports team these days!)

They are an active, laid back, silly couple, and they’re planning a fun, laid back wedding filled with family and friends. Their session was chilly, but joyful, full of piggy back rides and jokes and true tenderness for each other. Plus, we both bought Christmas trees for our homes that day! #multitasking

Check out all the love (and all the Christmas trees) below!

MP&Mike EShoot-6385_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6388_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6675_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6642_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6501_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6687_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6475_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6606_web.jpg
MP&Mike EShoot-6400_web.jpg

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