Weddings are kind of crazy, right?

Somehow, saying "I love you and I want to hang out forever," has turned into an industry... Why though?!

Don't let "Big Wedding" dictate who walks where and who sees who when. This celebration is yours and you should do it however you want.

I want to talk all about your plans.



Let's be friends!

But seriously, I mean it.

I'll be the kind of friend that truly wants the best for you.

The kind that always has time to answer your random questions

(like the difference between "off-white" and "ivory").

The kind that shows up with a safety pin exactly when you need it.


Here's how it will go down.


The (not too awkward) first date

We'll start with a call to see if we’re a good fit.

Do we get along? Does my vibe align with your plans?

How can I make your life easier right now?


making it official

If we feel like friends, we’ll iron out the paperwork and book your engagement session (if you want one).


the Engagement session


the Timeline Talk

I love engagement sessions! We get to hang out in person and you get to practice what portraits will feel like on your wedding day. Plus you get to hear a bunch of my terrible jokes. (Lucky you.)

A few months before your celebration, we’ll make sure your timeline is perfect. I’ll show up with tips, advice, and a hell yes attitude for whatever crazy things your heart can dream up.


The wedding


The special delivery

I'll be a fly on the wall, quietly capturing everything. I’ll jump in when you need me, of course, with a stain stick (god forbid) or a few deep breathing exercises. But mostly, I’ll let you be present, sink in, and feel it all.

Within two weeks, I'll send you a sneak peek of my favorite images from your day. Within ten weeks, you'll get all of your memories in an online gallery to share with family and friends. We can work together to create an album. You'll love, hold, and cherish these memories for the rest of your lives.


— Meghan K

"TL:DR You should hire her."

warren conference center — Ashland

Shaina was incredible to work with from start to finish. Her personal touch shines through in everything she does. Her vibe is warm and celebratory while also being calming and reassuring. Her professionalism and organization throughout the whole process is top tier. We knew we were in good hands and felt secure and confident with Shaina as our photographer.

TL;DR Shaina is amazing and you should hire her as your wedding photographer!

Feeling lost?

I'll be your wedding GPS.

Do you need a second photographer? A videographer? A "first look?"

I'll lay out the unbiased pros and cons.

Wondering what to wear for your engagement shoot?

I'll send a "what to wear" guide a few weeks in advance.

Trying to whittle down your family portrait list so you can get back to your party faster?

I've got a blog post that will help.

You don't need a magic wand to figure this stuff out.

You'll have me.


fun wedding ideas




Include the whole family

get your feet wet

eat something unique

or grassy or muddy or messy

this cake is made of cheese!

kitties & puppies & plants. oh my!

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