Family Portraits // Endicott Estate, Dedham, MA

A couple weeks ago, on a crisp fall afternoon, I spent time with this sweet family at a large park in Dedham. The park houses a lovely estate, a library, some greenhouses, and many unique trees. It was a perfect backdrop to show off the gorgeous sunset light and this adorable little family.

Big sister ran and played and tried to wrestle with little brother, but he was focused on only one thing: Trying to walk on his own. He stood so proudly, a giant smile lighting his face. He’d lift a foot… and then down he went, tumbling into the grass.

A bemused look and a few tears later, he was at it again. Again and again he tried until he was able to lift his foot and set it down.  Of course, he fell right after, but even that one step was met with cheers of excitement and triumph from his parents and from me.

Thank you to this little man, for the reminder to always keep trying and pushing forward, even if you fall. And thank you to this family, for sharing your mutual warmth, love, and support with me for one glowing afternoon.

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