Classic Fall Family Portraits with Two Pups at Sheepfold Dog Park in Stoneham

Burns Family-5855-2_web.jpg

I absolutely adore this family! I first met little Rose (the smallest member of the family) for her newborn shoot back in April. On that day, she was looking pretty precious in her bunny outfit, but somehow she has only gotten more adorable as she has grown.

Her parents were incredibly adept at wrangling Rose’s two canine older sisters. They were quite well behaved, especially considering that they usually get to run wild as soon as they arrive at the dog park.

Between one toddler, two pups, and the occasional strange dog that wandered into the frame wanting to play, the outtakes from this shoot are kind of hilarious. IN spite of that, there were also a lot of winners!

Burns Family-6082_web.jpg
Burns Family-5849_web.jpg
Burns Family-5926_web.jpg
Burns Family-5869_web.jpg
Burns Family-6138_web.jpg

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