Family Session // Crystal Lake, Newton, MA

A few weeks ago, I met this adorable family in a small park by Crystal Lake in Newton. They came from a day of soccer games, but the kids were still full of energy. The calm lake and the colorful leaves were a serene background to our portrait session.

After the shoot, I hung around for a while to watch the sunset over the lake. A flock of wild turkeys wandered through the yellow leaves. Until I moved to New England, I had never seen a wild turkey. But here, it’s not so unusual to see these ragged birds strutting through streets, parks, and wooded areas.

(I’d post a picture for you, but wild turkeys aren’t so pleasant to look at. And wouldn’t you rather see more pictures of this lovely family?)

Today, it feels like winter weather has fully arrived. The wind is biting, the hats are knit, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

So I’m looking back, a little bit wistfully, on this crisp, light jacket day, filled with color and energy. I’ve had my head down for weeks, so even though fall isn’t technically over, I have no idea where it went. In my mind, it’s flashes of snuggling families and vibrant leaves and golden sunsets. And I think there should be a few more weeks of that, at least! But no matter where my head may be today, time keeps moving. And I have to accept that.

So maybe it’s the right time to slow down. Maybe it’s time to ease into this cooler season with a warm blanket and a hot cocoa and an open heart. Maybe this is exactly what I need right now.

Maybe you need it too?

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