Sweet Family of Three in a Field of Sunflowers at Colby Farm in Newbury

I’m always on the lookout for exciting new shooting locations, so when a coworker suggested that I take a look at Colby Farm, known for its sunflower field, I was excited to check it out. As a bonus, one of my best friends and her sweet little family lives in the next town over, so we were able to make a mini photo session happen.

This farm is an incredibly popular place for photographs. Especially the infamous Instagram selfie.

But even though it was crowded, it was still magical. A setting sun, a field of gold, experiencing something that only lasts for two or three weeks and then it’s gone.

As of yesterday, less than 24 hours after I took these photos, the sunflowers are already gone. (Crazy, right?)

If you decide to visit Colby Farm next year, allow a LOT of extra time for traffic. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to make it down the last mile of road and into the farm parking lot. But it was worth it to spend time with this sweet family in this ethereal place.

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