Headshots: Private Home, Roslindale, MA

blue,boston,headshot,indoor,make up,roslindale,winter,

This fierce female is an alum of Yale and Johns Hopkins. She is smart, badass, confident, and hilarious. She kills it daily in her job. She can also sing like a rockstar.

But as incredible as she is, headshots are slightly out of her comfort zone. She’s someone who is most comfortable in blue jeans and no make up, and she doesn’t love getting her picture taken.

It’s always fun for me to draw out a personality and capture it in a picture. But it’s almost better when someone doesn’t expect it, when they don’t have a whole bunch of preconceived ideas about what looks “good.”

It means that I’m the only one thinking about what looks “right.” You just get to relax, hang out, and be that beautiful you.

blue,boston,headshot,indoor,make up,roslindale,winter,blue,boston,headshot,indoor,make up,roslindale,winter,
blue,boston,headshot,indoor,make up,roslindale,winter,

Make Up: Creative Contour by Carla | Hair: Amy Lynne Poirier

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