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Preserve your family legacy through photography.



Things I believe:

everyone has a story to tell


Death is a natural part of life

Pictures can help us remember, honor, and heal



living well matters more than living long


your love stories are the most beautiful stories of all


Grief only softens after we move through it


Hi, I'm Shaina.

I'm a professional photographer and storyteller.

I used to be a Speech Pathologist at Mass General Hospital. I worked with acutely ill people and sometimes the prognosis wasn’t good.

Talking to these patients and their families about next steps gave me some of the most heartbreaking and soul filling moments of my life. Walking them through that grief with dignity and grace was powerful and beautiful.

These days, I take pictures of people in their most joyful moments – weddings and births and family snuggles. I believe pictures have the power to heal our hearts. They return us to precious memories and remind us of the best versions of ourself.

I can do that for people in joy, but I can also do it for people in grief.

The world can be scary and painful. Even though I no longer work in a hospital, I still want to do anything I can to help people heal. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I take these pictures.



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