Just So You Know: India

I want to let you know that tonight I’m headed to India for the next two weeks.

I’m traveling with my mom and my sister. We’ll be moving through the golden triangle in Rajasthan in northwest India. It’s a fairly a typical tourist route for first-time visitors, covering the Taj Mahal, the pink terra cotta walls of Jaipur, and if we’re lucky, a glimpse of wild tigers in Ranthambore National Park!

I’m hoping I can stay connected and share some travel images (and videos) with you over on my Instagram, but given the 10.5 hour time difference, the dependence on available wifi, and the once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I’m not sure how frequent or regular the posts will be.

Keep an eye out though. Because this is an incredible photography opportunity. The colors, the culture – I can’t wait to see them… And to share them with you!

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