Linda & Ercil’s Elegant Travel-Themed Wedding at the Electra Building in San Diego

Linda & Ercil are adventurers. In the month since their wedding, they’ve traveled to at least five countries. In their thirty years together, there was really only one adventure they hadn’t yet conquered… Marriage!

They had an intimate ceremony in their San Diego condo, with views overlooking the city. It was just family and a few close friends. You could see the ocean sparkling in the distance.

One of Ercil’s daughters, a pastor, officiated the ceremony. She created a blend of their cultural traditions, from breaking the glass to jumping the broom. (Well, more like stepping the broom, as knee replacements can slightly reduce the spring in one’s step.)

The ceremony was followed by a champagne toast.

The champagne (and a toast) was sent by a family member in New York. He couldn’t make it to the wedding, but wanted to share his well wishes for the newlyweds.

For the reception, everyone moved downstairs to the Conservatory, a gorgeous high-ceilinged room with an open kitchen and lots of sofas and nooks for mingling and chatting.

The tables were named after some of the couples’ favorite cities.

Their amazing custom cake had a suitcase on the bottom tier and a champagne bottle bursting out of the top. (The cake was a gift from the caterer, a personal friend.)

In fact, most of the vendors were friends, which speaks to the warmth and magnetism of this couple.

Ercil sets you at ease with his charm. Linda regales you with a story, then cares enough to ask about yours.

So it won’t surprise you that friends and family came from all over the world to celebrate these two. They came from Los Angeles, New England, Germany, Japan, and many other places, I’m sure.

It was a beautiful night, long awaited, and so full of love. I hope you’ll join me in wishing Linda and Ercil luck on their marriage, their next big adventure.

With a community like theirs (and 30 years of practice), somehow I don’t think they’ll need it.

Venue: Electra Building – Conservatory | Catering: S Fine Catering | Music: Archie & the Archtones | Hair & Make Up: Mobile Beauty Team | Photography: Golden Door Photography

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