Marisa & Miguel’s Charles River Esplanade Engagement with the Cutest Puppy Ever!

Remember last month when everyone was posting photos for National Dog Day? Well, I didn’t post them then, but these are the photos I was working on that day; this sweet bulldog puppy, Maya, and her engaged parents. (Wait, who was supposed to be the main subject of this photoshoot again?)

But seriously, folks… Marisa and Miguel are a lovely, soulful, salsa dancing duo. Marisa is thoughtful and athletic and I totally envy her fashion sense. (This look! Am I right?) Miguel seems soft-spoken at first, but get him on the dance floor (or the walking path on the Charles River Esplanade, as the case may be) and you’ll see a little bit of his inner fire emerge!

After we chatted about spirituality at Starbucks, we strolled along the Charles River Esplanade as the sun crept lower and lower in the sky. Strangers were drawn to Maya, so Marisa and Miguel patiently allowed her to be squealed over and petted, as she of course deserves. And a kind friend held her leash when we wanted some photos of just the two of them. (Pro tip: If you’re bringing a dog to a photoshoot, always bring an extra set of hands to keep her occupied.)

I like to say that an engagement shoot with me is a little like going on a walk together with my camera. I hope these two (and Maya) agree, because to me, this felt like a particularly lovely one.

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