A Glowy Sunset Maternity Shoot at Nahant Beach

I’ve mentioned before that I only do maternity shoots on occasion. Maybe because they have a bit of a stigma about being goofy and inauthentic and I always strive for real moments. But when these two asked for a non-cheesy, low-key, maternity-anniversary beach shoot, I had to say yes.

The day was stormy, so we got a perfect mix of cool blue skies and dramatic clouds, with golden light that broke through just in time for sunset. The sand was cool and the water was shallow, enough that they could stand in between the pools of it and still keep their feet dry.

I asked him to tell her why she is going to be a great mom. He told her that she is goofy and can always find the humor in everything. I agree – It’s a great mom quality.

Anticipation is one of my favorite places to be. It’s the first page of the last chapter of a book or waiting in line to see something you’ve never seen. It’s the deep inhalation of scent before your first taste of something delicious. The slow careful unwrapping of a present before you know what’s inside.

Maternity sessions feel like that – like an unwrapped gift – serene and sweet and full of possibility. Capturing these two as they are right now, in the peaceful cool of the evening, before this overwhelming change comes in to sweep them up and stretch their boundaries, well… sitting in that space is a gift to me. So, perhaps this is the session that’s helping me fall a little bit in love with maternity shoots.

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