Personal // Chihuly at the New York Botanical Gardens

A few days ago, I mentioned on my social media that this is my busiest season. I’m (essentially) fully booked for 2017 and it’s getting a little wild here in the GDP studio, aka my brainspace.

So I’m powering through the long hours of editing, in an ardent battle with my perfectionism. I’m fueled by black tea and I’m bingeing The Office and Riverdale (a surprisingly addictive show). But I still want to share nice things with you. Nice, but quick things.

Here are some pictures I took at the Chihuly exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens last weekend. I’ve never been to the NYBG before and the greenhouses were strikingly beautiful, as were the colorful flowers and plants, and the grounds, flitting with monarch butterflies.

I brought a new lens, which is always fun. It forces me to see in a new way, engage in a new perspective; to work within its limits in order to realize my vision.

It’s that constant challenge that keeps me in love with photography. And it was fun, in this crazy time of capturing so many other peoples’ beauty and joy, to make a few pictures just for me.

P.S. While I was in New York, I got to see Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen and holycrapohmygod it was amazing and heart wrenching and beautiful and challenging and I loved it. #youwillbefound

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