Newborn Session: Private Home, Everett, MA

Shooting newborn portraits has removed a bunch of misconceptions I previously had about new parents.

new mom in pink and her baby in a bunny costume

I guess I just imagined that they were exhausted, harried, hollow eyed and frightened with the herculean effort of producing a tiny human and keeping it alive.

(Projection much?)

new parents in pink with baby

But now I know, at least for the first few days, it’s not like that at all.

newborn baby in a basket with a bunny costume, dad, and dogs

Like these three. When I arrived, they had just woken from a nap. They were rested. They were calm. They were… glowing.

newborn baby in a bunny costume being swaddled in linen by her mom in pink

Mom couldn’t help but coo and fuss over her little one. Dad couldn’t resist pulling out his cell phone to grab a few shots of his sweet girl in her bunny costume. (Can you blame him?)

new mom and dad changing their newborn and baby in a bunny costume in her crib while dad takes a cell phone picture

There was no fear, no darkness, just so much radiating love.

new dad and his newborn baby in a bunny costume and swaddled in a white blanket

I also used to wonder, after my first shoot in a hospital, how much a parent can know about their child in the first 48 hours.

How can they know that this cry means he’s tired or that she’s clenching her fists because she hates being cold?

newborn baby wrapped in Saphyr linen with big blue eyes wide open

But I see it now.

new parents holding their newborn baby in a bunny costume

The child is the sun and the parents are two satellites, orbiting to her needs, basking in her warmth, tuned to every signal and sound.

family portrait with a red faced newborn, her mom and dad, and two dogs, sitting on the sofa

Maybe not forever, but in these first few days, she is their whole world.

And what a beautiful one she is.

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