Getting Married at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill

Estate house and fountain at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill

What is it like to get married at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill in Topsfield, MA? I've photographed weddings at this fun and beautiful venue in every season. I've seen a rainy Christmas wedding in December, beautiful foliage-filled ceremonies in the fall, and weddings on sunny, green summer days. It's quickly become a place that I love to work. If you're considering Peirce Farm at Witch Hill as your wedding venue, here are all the pros and cons (and lots of pictures).

What makes Peirce Farm at Witch Hill a great wedding venue?

1. Versatility

Peirce Farm at Witch Hill is a versatile venue that offers so much. There's the historic New England manor house. There's the beautiful renovated farmhouse. There's a green lawn and a small wooded area, both perfect for beautiful portraits. And there's a rolling pasture with a white picket fence and real grazing livestock meandering about.

The farm was once rustic, but has been beautifully restored. It features large windows, wooden pillars, and a gorgeous stone fireplace. Guests love to spread out in and around the farmhouse. They may sip a drink on the back patio while watching the donkeys graze. Or I always see them grabbing an impromptu selfie by the barn's grand sliding front doors.

Although it's historic and beautiful, this space doesn't feel stuffy or uptight. Like a great pair of jeans, it can be dressed up or down to fit your vibe perfectly. The rental even includes two different styles of chairs - one that's more formal, and one that's simple and neutral.

Seated guests in suits smile at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill wedding

2. Flexibility

This venue is a bit of a Goldilocks because it's perfect for small or large-ish events. (There's a max capacity of 150). Because the barn is L-shaped, the space doesn't look empty with a smaller guest count, but there's room to spread out, if needed. You can also bring in (almost) all of your own vendors to customize your event to your vibe. (More on that later.)

Because there are multiple buildings and outdoor spaces, there is a good amount of flexibility with how to structure your wedding. I've seen folks have ceremonies in the barn, on the field in front of the large trellis, and nestled against a giant, majestic tree. I've seen the cocktail hour tented behind the mansion, mingling out by the fountain, and floating through the barn.

The mansion has two entire floors available. So, if you want separate spaces to get ready before the wedding day, you're well covered. Plus, if you're getting ready upstairs, who doesn't love a good staircase descent moment?

3. Location

One of my favorite things about Peirce Farm at Witch Hill is that Topsfield, MA is the location. It's only about 30 minutes from Boston, but has a classic, rustic New England vibe. It's gorgeous in the summer, and even more charming in the fall. It's convenient to major highways, which is perfect for guests driving down from Maine or coming from anywhere on the North Shore. Parking can be a little tricky on the gravel roads, but parking attendants help keep everyone organized.

4. Genuine Caring

Arguably the most important thing: The staff here treats their couples like gold. They genuinely want the day to flow smoothly. And with a rental that starts at 8am, you won't feel rushed trying to fit in all of your important moments.

Also, pets are allowed on site! Unlike some other venues, Peirce Farm at Witch Hill welcomes pets as a part of your wedding festivities. How fun is that?!

I also really appreciate that their calendar is available on their website. It seems small, but how handy that you can see what dates are open before you have to send a single email! Little details like that can make all the difference.

Bride and groom in navy suit recess down ceremony aisle as guests cheer

What are the best portrait spots at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill?

As I mentioned, this is a Goldilocks venue. It's not overwhelmingly large, but there are so many sweet little nooks and portrait options. Here are a few sample photos from past weddings:

The Woods

The wooded area at Peirce Farm is small, but mighty, surrounded by soaring trees, evergreens, and color-changing leaves in the fall. It's a perfect spot for a private first look and family portraits.

Bride and bridesmaids in minty sage dresses smile at each other in a wooded area
5 groomsmen in tuxes and bowties walk forward on a road

The Mansion

The mansion on property has classic wooden shutters on the outside and plenty of historic charm inside, making it a fun backdrop for getting ready pictures, family portraits, and couple portraits.

Through a mirror, a woman in black applies airbrush makeup to a bride in a white robe

The Barn and Fields

White picket fences line tree-rimmed pastures, which glow at sunset. The fields near the barn are the perfect place to sneak away for a few sunset portraits. Inside the barn, string lights add a warm glow to your meal, plus a fun streaky accents in your photos, once the dancing begins.

Are there any drawbacks to Peirce Farm weddings?

When it comes to wedding vendors, it's all about finding your right fit. So let's talk about a few things you should know to make sure Peirce Farm at Witch Hill is the right fit to be your wedding venue.

1. Location

While I love the quick and easy drive from Boston, Peirce Farm at Witch Hill is right off the Newburyport Turnpike. This is amazing for guest transportation, and the a long gravel driveway adds a smidge of privacy, but the road is still visible from parts of the venue. If you have a lot of guests who are driving, it's also likely that cars will be parked all along the road next to the pasture and around the barn. If you want to feel fully secluded from the rest of the world, this may not be the perfect venue for you.

2. Peirce Farm Aesthetic

If you love natural light and a super clean, light and airy photography vibe, this might not be the right choice for you. The barn is actually surprisingly bright, especially on long summer days. But some of the indoor spaces in the mansion are a bit darker and moodier. In the mansion, there is dark wood, vintage furniture, and bright, patterned rugs. The barn is full of warm wooden pillars and little moody nooks. While photographers can do a lot with lighting and positioning, if "clean" is important to your aesthetic, this may not be the right place for you.

3. Catering Selection at Peirce Farm

Piece Farm at Witch Hill works exclusively with one caterer - Vinwood Catering. This isn't a bad thing! With all the decisions you need to make to put a wedding together, sometimes it's nice to have one choice that's already made for you. Vinwood provides solid, delicious food with an attentive staff. However, if you envisioned catering by your favorite food truck, or bringing in pizza from your favorite local joint, or another super specific food option, this isn't the right venue for you.

Have you found "The One"?

Now you know the ins, outs, ups, and downs of hosting a wedding at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill. Aside from it's almost obnoxiously long name, I think it's a pretty fabulous spot. If this feels like the right vibe for your event, reach out to their helpful team for a tour. If it ends up being the one, I'd love to hear about it!

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