PostWedPod Episode 3: Mila + Christian’s Blended Family Winery Wedding

Photo by Studio Nouveau

Are you ready for Episode 3 of the Post-Wedding Podcast? In this episode, Mila and Christian are sharing all about their quirky, daytime New Hampshire winery wedding.

It was extremely important to Mila and Christian that the planning process wasn't too stressful and that the things they chose to incorporate were true to who they are. I was a guest at this wedding, so I can attest to all of the fun, original touches that made it feel especially heartfelt and lovely.

Here are a few things to listen for in the episode:

  • Blending families: Christian has kiddos from a prior relationship so this wedding formalized the blending of their families. Mila and Christian did a beautiful job incorporating the kids into the wedding, making it kid-friendly, and allowing their kids to put a special stamp on the day.
  • Doing it by day: This was a daytime wedding, which impacted the vibe and the delicious brunch food. (I've talked before about how daytime weddings are a great way to make your event stand out. Also, brunch is my favorite meal!)
  • A more honest way to be wed: Christian said they "went through [the things you're 'supposed to do'] with a machete" to create a ceremony that was a true reflection of who they are as a couple. You'll hear how that thread carried through the whole planning process.
  • What went wrong: You'll get the scoop on a big "oops" moment that happened... and how I perceived it as a wedding guest.

Listen to the full episode!

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