PostWedPod Episode 5: Carolyn + Greg’s Berkshires Weekend Getaway Wedding

Anastasia Grady Photography

Carolyn & Greg were married at an inn in the Berkshires with 120 guests and a good sized wedding party that dressed in matching outfits. If the Post-Wedding Podcast had a scale, their wedding would fall slightly on the more traditional side of things. And that’s beautiful. Because they arrived at every choice in such a deep and thoughtful way. After all, a wedding doesn’t need to be “different for its own sake.” What matters is being thoughtful and authentic to what you value as a couple.

Carolyn and Greg took some time at the beginning of the planning process to get very clear on their priorities. And even though they had different things in mind, they were able to combine their visions. This helped guide each choice and led to some fun, unique touches… and a heck of a party!

Carolyn designed her own wedding flowers, which due to an ordering snafu, mostly happened on the morning of the wedding! One of their favorite aspects of the weekend was the way the location brought people together. Like Meredith & Dave, they tried to craft a multi-day experience for their guests, both so they could spend extra time with the people they love and so their guests could get to know each other better.

Although Greg couldn’t join her for the recording of this episode, Carolyn showed up with tons of knowledge and an open heart.

Some golden nuggets to listen for include:

  • Why and how to build a full weekend of fun so you truly get time with each of your guests.
  • Strategies for managing the financial burden placed on your guests and your wedding party.
  • How to deflect the people who doubt your decisions and stay calm when things go wrong.
  • The beauty of “Mad Libs” style wedding vows.
  • A little snippet about Carolyn’s super cool company, @thesilverpost. The Silver Post helps you keep in touch with your non-tech savvy grandparent or elder in the simplest possible way! (This is not an ad, I promise. I’m just a Silver Post subscriber and mega fan.)

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