PostWedPod Episode 6: Jess + Sean’s Collaborative Oregon Farm Table Wedding

Photo by: Luke + Mallory

The final episode of season one of the Post-Wedding Podcast is one that’s super close to my heart. In this episode, I interviewed my sister Jessica and her husband Sean about their incredibly beautiful, collaborative Oregon farm wedding.

This wedding is a little hard to sum up because it truly had a bit of everything. Technically, it was a backyard wedding, since it was hosted on a private property. But it was also a beach wedding, with the ceremony held on a patch of white sand at the edge of a broad river. Jess and Sean both work in hospitality, so there was an incredible outdoor farm dinner, which was followed by an epic dance party. And as if that wasn’t enough, there was an after party (with more crazy eats) in a barn.

Barn, backyard, beach, and farm? This one truly checks every box.

But all of that was honestly just the trimming. What made this wedding so special was the magical way everything came together. The major theme of Jess and Sean’s wedding was “community.” That meant that every element of the wedding, from the music to the flowers, the chuppah to the food, was made by or crafted in collaboration with someone who loves them. And that was incredibly powerful.

The level of thought and detail that went into this wedding is truly breathtaking. They embraced all the things they are passionate about with incredible depth and care. And anything that didn’t feel natural and meaningful simply wasn’t included.

For anyone in the wedding planning process, here are a few of my favorite takeaways to listen for:

  • Working together to form a clear wedding vision (your “north star”) from the very beginning.
  • Strengthening your relationship through the wedding planning process.
  • Accepting and embracing help from friends along the way.
  • An in-depth approach to the guest list and seating arrangements.
  • A fresh take on how to (not) plan your timeline.
  • Lots of details, jokes, love, and joy with some of my favorite people!

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