PostWedPod Episode 2: Lara + Jason’s Christmas Manor Wedding

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember this 2018 Christmas manor wedding. If you haven’t seen it, you can get my full recap and tons of photos right here.

Because, as you may have gathered, Lara + Jason are my clients! That’s why I’m so excited to share their episode of The Post-Wedding Podcast with you! (Well, that and because they are incredibly thoughtful, intentional, quirky, and sweet and their wedding was a perfect reflection of who they are together.)

A Christmas wedding is a bold choice! But Lara + Jason throw a big Christmas party every year and it just seemed right that this important celebration be their biggest Christmas party of all.

That timing became a frame for how they represented themselves and welcomed their guests that weekend; There was the rehearsal dinner with carol singing, cocoa, and tree decorating (Lara is an incredible singer), the post-wedding pajama game night (Jason was rocking Grinch pajamas), the incredibly thoughtful ceremony, and all of the big and small intentions and ideas that helped craft a rich, authentic, and heart-filling weekend.

Lara and Jason share their perspectives on how to plan a wedding collaboratively and peacefully (especially if family is making a financial contribution). If you’re wondering how to have a wedding that’s more “you” or if you’re always down for a little Christmas spirit (even in the spring), this episode is not to be missed.

Listen to the full episode!

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