PostWedPod Episode 1: Tawny & Dan’s Secret Mexico Beach Elopement

Bernardo Martinez Photography

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of The Post-Wedding Podcast, interviews with real couples describing their wedding planning process.

The couple is at the heart of the wedding – their values, their desires, their community, their vision for the future. That’s why every wedding is different. At Golden Door Photography, I believe your wedding is a reflection of who you are. And that means it’s worth questioning (and outright rejecting) any traditions that don’t feel 100% you.

Season 1 is a limited series, six episode recorded in early 2019. The first episode is one of my favorite – the Mexican elopement of Tawny + Dan.

Tawny + Dan thought they were going to have a big backyard wedding. Dan was in school, so Tawny took on most of the wedding planning. And she absolutely hated it. After months of planning and struggle and tears, they secretly decided to ditch the party and elope on a beach in Mexico.

In the podcast we’ll cover how it all came about and the logistics of planning an elopement abroad. They also share how they involved their family (in some pretty unique ways) and how everyone reacted when they broke the surprise elopement news.

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