A Glamorous Rehearsal Dinner at Cinquecento in the South End

I thought I posted about this sunny, summer rehearsal dinner long ago, but looking through my archives, that doesn’t seem to be the case. That’s why I’m super excited to share it with you now!

This vibrant, warm, and beautiful couple met “the old fashioned way,” which is to say, at a bar in Allston. Stephanie and Marc share a love of great cooking, great eating, and world travel. (Basically, my favorite kind of people!) After five years together, he surprised her by proposing in the Boston Common with a custom ring made from both of their grandmothers’ rings.

The night before their glamorous and romantic wedding at the Liberty Hotel, I had the opportunity to capture their rehearsal dinner at Cinquecento in Boston’s South End. Through the whole night, there was such a glow about them.

They rode up to Cinquecento in an old fashioned Boston streetcar, filled with family and friends. After wine and hors d’oeuvres on the patio, they stepped inside for a delicious multi-course dinner.

Before dessert, Marc stood up and gave a toast. He read from his journal (written when he was in his early teens) about the life he wanted to live and the girl he wanted to marry. Stephanie cried into her hands as this verbal time capsule revealed that she was, quite literally, the girl of his dreams.

That day, I admired their certainty, their warmth, and the love radiating upon them by friends and family. I loved capturing their joy. And even more than that, I have loved watching them continue to live out their dreams – traveling the world for months at a time, each running their own businesses, and seeming to grow even more in love than they were on that wedding weekend, nine months ago.

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