Sara + Greg’s Autumn Woodsy Engagement Session in the Middlesex Fells + Charlestown

In my former life as a therapist, Sara was my coworker. And she was the very best kind of coworker – positive, kind, and the coordinator of fun, social activities that turned the team from coworkers into friends. And next year, Sara is marrying Greg, who is smart and dryly funny, at a brewery in Vermont.

Sara and Greg braved the cold for this shoot, but despite the chill, we spent most of it laughing, as you can see. They brought along their adorable, but feisty dog, Waffles, as we wandered through the Fells and caught the fall color.

After dropping Waffles off back at home, we headed to Charlestown for some gorgeous city views. A ranger for the USS Constitution ushered us in to see the cannon fire at sunset, but it was so quick and loud that it was more startling and funny than a great photo op. Still, the skyline twinkled across the water as dusk set in and even the cold can be (or at least, look) romantic when you’re with the person you love.

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