Golden Door Photography is Two!

An image from my first “official” photo shoot!

Often, I get asked how long I’ve been running my own business. And then this awkward moment happens. No matter how many times I’m asked, I honestly can’t remember the answer.

It happened again yesterday. I fumbled through memories and dates and countless photoshoots and I struggled to respond coherently. How many years has it been since this part of my life began?

Was it when I shot my first family photo shoot 5 years ago? Or perhaps when I got my first SLR camera 12 years ago and took artsy pictures of architecture in the South End. Or maybe it was all those crazy photo shoots I staged in high school, dressed up in vintage dresses and outrageous makeup, setting the camera in timer mode on the shelf in my parents walk in closet.

But it wasn’t as long ago as all that. After all, there was a day, and a very specific one, where I walked into city hall and filed my DBA. Something I can pinpoint. A clear answer.

So today, I decided to check my calendar and find the truth.

Two years.

And not just nearly or almost. It’s been two years to this very day. It was February 22, 2017, when I drove to Medford City Hall after work and handed them the piece of paper that made my business real.

It seems an impossibly short piece of time to contain so much.

My life had connections before, but now it has new ones. I knew how to play before, but now I play bigger and bolder and more openly. I loved to create before, but now I am trusted with the gift of creating for others. And I am endlessly grateful for that.

I don’t know what comes next.

I mean, I have a few (million) ideas. But I also know that so much in these past two years has surprised me, pushed me, shaped me, and filled me up in ways I couldn’t possibly foresee.

And so, I expect nothing less from the next 2… or 12, or 20 years.

But for today, I’ll just say, happy 2nd birthday Golden Door Photography!

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