Wedding Tip Wednesday: Outsource your Anxiety with Rebeca from Maven Macaw Events

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Do you need a wedding planner? What about a day-of coordinator? Did you even know there was a difference?

This week, I’m continuing the #weddingtipwednesday interview series with Rebeca Oliveira of Maven Macaw Events. Beca is an incredible wedding planner with amazing style, a big, beautiful personality, and a unique perspective. In her words, her goal is to “assist couples in creating a meaningful wedding celebration that reflects who they are, without destroying their minds or their wallets.”

She plans (sometimes offbeat) weddings with huge enthusiasm, incredible attention to detail, and an intentional, no-assumptions style, to create an event that’s true to you. Beca’s business and her spirit are totally aligned with the Golden Door approach to weddings. I just know you’re going to love what she has to say!

(By the way, hooray for meeting the best people on the internet!)

Hey Beca! Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business. How did you get started as a wedding planner?

I have logistics brain. It’s constantly trying to solve puzzles, or trying to find the most efficient way to do something. I took over the planning of family vacations when I was 17, so planning my own wedding ten years ago was a complete joy.

I only realized how differently I was wired when I heard from friends and family, after their own weddings, about how they’d never want to do that again. As soon as I was married, I was ready to plan another one.

For years, I was that friend/bridesmaid who Had To Help. For years, people would tell me I should be doing this for a living. About a year ago, I finally listened, and founded Maven Macaw Events.

Why do you think the role of a wedding planner is so important?

Because it lets you enjoy the party.

Whether you hire someone to help you plan it (a wedding planner), or just want someone there on the day (a day-of coordinator), being able to outsource your anxiety is invaluable for your wedding.

Hiring a planner or a coordinator means you’ll actually be able to let go because it’s literally someone else’s job to worry about timing things, gathering disappearing bridesmaids for pictures, and keeping Uncle Jimmy away from the bar after his third drink. You can relax, and, actually, you know, have fun.

What should couples think about when choosing a wedding planner? What are a few questions they should ask?

  • What kind of experience the planner has, how long they’ve been in business.
  • If they’re familiar with your venue.
  • If they can handle your particular set of circumstances (physical limitations, family dynamics, absolute necessity to time the ceremony with the sunset) —whatever it is that will impact how your wedding will unfold.
  • And whether you feel comfortable with each other!

You may find someone who runs a tight-ship wedding, but you may not enjoy their Drill Sergeant style—and that’s totally fine! That coordinator is just Not For You. You gotta be able to trust your coordinator, and feel comfortable with them.

Do you have a favorite wedding that you’ve worked on? What made it so incredible?

I’m immensely biased, but my cousin’s wedding in 2013. I was recently pregnant and on my feet for 12 hours. I ended it completely exhausted, but thrilled in every fiber of my being. It was the wedding that convinced me I could do this as a job.

Honorable Mention goes to a wedding I did last year, where Keytar Bear played Prince’s “Purple Rain” as the processional.

Here at GDP, we’re always thinking about intention – planning intentional celebrations and living an intentional life. What role does intention play in your life or your business?

For a tradition as long-lived and complex as marriage, making it resonate with you is critical in making it work for you. We assume nothing about any wedding. We want as much of your wedding to be yours as you do. So intention is kind of a foundational principle for us.

What’s your best wedding day advice?

  • Keep your lipstick on you for touchups.
  • Drink water whenever you think about it.
  • Give someone else your cellphone.
  • Remember, it’s just a party! The marriage is the important part.

Is there anything else we should know about you, or about wedding planning in general?

About me: I smile big and laugh louder.

About planning: Worry less, generally. Let go. Have fun! (Incidentally, all three are helped by hiring a good planner.)

You guys. Isn’t she the best? Are you planning to hire a wedding planner or a day of coordinator? Do you know how this differs from a venue coordinator? What questions do you have about all of this? (Feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll get Beca to follow up.)

Find out more about Beca’s work on Facebook.

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