Featured Post: Wedding Portraits – How to spend less time posing and more time celebrating!

Yesterday on the blog, you heard from Rachel at Olive Ewe Productions as we talked all about the difference between wedding photography and videography. (It was a really great conversation, so if you missed it, I hope you’ll check it out!)

If you liked that post, I have some awesome news for you. Rachel and I didn’t stop there! She also decided to feature me over on her blog.

One of the core beliefs of my business is that you should spend “less time posing, and more time celebrating” on your wedding day. Rachel and I talked in depth about how I make that happen.

Specifically, we talked about the “posing” part of your day, aka the portraits. She breaks down all the portrait types and gives so many helpful details about how to fit those into your wedding timeline. It’s the key to having the most possible fun and being so present on your wedding day.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

“Your day is not about smiling for a camera after all, it is about smiling at each other and making memories.

Pare your list down into larger groupings or cut some groupings out entirely.

Those cousins you see maybe once a year that will definitely make it onto the dance floor? Perhaps you can do without that posed shot and relish in the action shots that you never even realize are being taken!”

In the post, Rachel covers:

  • How your engagement session will save you time on your wedding day
  • Why so many photographers encourage a first look
  • How to pare down your family portrait list by being more like Santa Claus
  • Tips for managing kiddos during family portraits
  • And so much more!

Read the whole post now!

It’s crazy how much gold is in this post. Go check it out, over on the Olive Ewe Productions blog!

One tip Rachel mentions is to do an engagement session before the wedding. For my take on why that’s super useful, check out this blog post on why it’s so important to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer and then go look at 9+ ideas for how to use those photos once you’ve got them!

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