Wedding Tip Wednesday: Make Time to Take in the Moment

Everyone says that your wedding day flies by and… everyone is right. So make sure you find a few minutes during the day to take it all in with your partner.

I love when, during the ceremony, the officiant asks the couple to look out on the people that love them and just breathe it in. (This is worth doing, even if no one prompts you.)

Or maybe, during the cocktail hour, you pop back into the bridal suite together for a few minutes of alone time.

As a photographer, my favorite strategy is to pull the bride and groom aside for a few minutes just before sunset to take some portraits. You get to stare into each others’ eyes and lose the world as you realize that you’re finally married. (And I get to subtly capture beautiful pictures of that meaningful moment.)

Take a look at your timeline.

When will you find a meditative moment to take it all in?

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