Wedding Tip Wednesday: You Do You!

Are you wondering if that slightly unusual, pretty darn nerdy idea in the back of your mind will actually work at your wedding?
The answer is yes, yes, definitely, yes.

Foosball table in the basement, so your cousins can have an impromptu tournament after the toasts?

A cake that’s frosted to look like your favorite fandom?
Hell yes.

Four long tables named after the Harry Potter houses?
Yes, yes, yes! Accio four long tables!

If it represents you and it’s in your budget, then I say go for it.

When you look back at your mom’s frilly 70s wedding dress, you smile because you know that you’re looking at a perfectly preserved moment in time.

This moment is yours and it should represents who you are, as a couple, right now. Slytherins/haters be damned.

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