Wedding Tip Wednesday: Planning a Wedding That is True to You

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What is in the guide?

  • The four most common types of naysayers
  • Multiple suggestions for how to handle each frustrating type
  • A special section all about managing your guest list
  • My top 4 tips for planning an intentional wedding that’s true to your vision.

Why do I need this?

If you follow my (sporadic) Instagram stories, you may know that about two weeks ago, I got into a totally inspired state and spent 6 straight hours typing and designing the first draft of this awesome resource. It was that genuine. I was that convinced that it needed to be made.

Why? Because your marriage is much more important than a wedding will ever be. And yet, you will probably spend countless hours and many dollars planning this one day. I think there should be a way to do that with honesty, joy, and ease. Don’t you?

Tell me more…

Most of my couples start with the seed of an idea about their wedding. It’s something based in your shared values. Like maybe you both love to travel and you realize this is the perfect opportunity to elope in a new or favorite travel destination. Or maybe family is the most important thing in your life, so getting married in your own backyard feels right. Maybe you really love food, or dancing, or being surrounded by nature.

Even if it’s not fully formed yet, there’s something about the two of you that has to be reflected in this party. After all, the entire event is a reflection of your relationship.

So you talk about it and you start to picture it, and even though you never had a “dream” wedding in your head before, suddenly you’re getting pretty darn excited about it.

And then someone comes along and tells you how much they don’t like it.

They give you all the reasons why your vision is wrong.

It’s not cool. But when it’s your parents or close friend, these comments can lead to a lot of doubt, last minute changes, and stress for everyone.

That’s exactly where this 10 page guide starts. That’s exactly why it exists.

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I hope you love it. Let me know if I missed any major naysayers in the comments below!

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